June 21, 2024
pizza crust mix

The base of banh Mi pizza starts with your favorite pizza dough. When you are ready to move beyond basil, you can simply try out this colorful and most Asian’s favorite pizza recipe that is specifically inspired by the banh Mi sandwich. Each serving of banh pizza consists of five gram saturated fat, 390 calories, 37 gram of carbohydrates, 63mg of cholesterol, 15g of fat, 23 gram of protein, 2g of insoluble fiber, 4g of poly fat, 2.2mg of niacin equivalents, 0.3mg of thiamin, 9g of sugars, 5llmg of potassium, 72lmg of sodium, 0.8mcg of vitamin bl2, 9.9mg of iron, 258mg of calcium, 0.8mcg of vitamin bl2, 0.4mg of vitamin b6, 16.2mg of vitamin C, vitamin A 2727.6IU and 22.6mcg of folate.

Thin homemade banh pizza dough

When you plan to make thin homemade banh pizza, first of all, you need to have a gallon size resealable plastic bag, which mixes together with rice wine, brown sugar, soy sauce, ketchup, garlic, Chinese five spice and hoisin sauce. Then, you can store it all in the air tight container and keep it in refrigerator. After that, you can preheat the oven to 400 degree Fahrenheit and cover the container with foil. You can bake it for around twenty five to thirty minutes or until tender. Finally, remove from the oven, let it stand for ten minutes and thinly slice for serving. However, this finely homemade thin banh pizza is awesome and tastes it with pour the garlic powder, rice vinegar, and mayonnaise.